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Alphabet Codes

Recently the RNIB decided to remove the Braille and Moon fonts from their web page saying that "Specialist coding knowledge is required to ensure the braille is accurate." This is true, however, in removing these fonts from their webpage they are taking away the ability to produce moon by some means. With the font a person can use Duxbury to translate a document to Moon and then copy the text to MS Word and use the Moon font with an impact printer, a wax printer, or a thermal printer to produce tactile and readable Moon. It may even be possible to use the font with some braille embossers. The font can be used by sighted people to help them learn Moon and to create publications to help them study Moon. Given the benefits that this font can have for blind people who can't read braille I am posting it here along with the RNIB's braille font. I hope that the RNIB changes its position, and instead of taking away potentially valuable tools, focuses on educating about the benefits and limits of such tools. Please remember that Braille and Moon are more than just alphabets and that they have special rules that one must know for their correct use. I encourage you to learn these codes and to experiment as desired. You never know when someone might hit upon something that no one thought of and change the world.

RNIB Moon Font

RNIB Braille Font