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Deaf-Blind Services

Rehab Skills Training

Braille - We teach uncontracted (Grade 1), contracted (Grade 2), computer Code, and Nemeth math code. As well as the use of the Perkins braille writer and the slate and stylus for braille writing.

Moon - We teach both grade one and grade two Moon as well as the use of the Moon writing frame for writing.

Sign Language - We teach the American one handed manual alphabet and the British Deaf-Blind two handed alphabet. And we of course teach ASL and PSE. Either tactile or modified visual.

Computer Use - We teach computer skills using windows with: Jaws, Magic, Zoomtext, Window-eyes, Omnipage Pro. Applications taught: Facebook Messenger, MS Office, Internet Explorer, Etc.

Long Cane Use - We teach the skills needed to use the long cane safely and effectively in any environment. We also teach orientation and bus travel.

Independent Living Skills - We teach independent living skills including: cooking, banking, travel, shopping, laundry, etc. Most of these skills are taught in the clients home or in the community.