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Deaf-Blind Services

Future Projects

Wooden Swing Cell - this is used to teach the relationship between the braille cell and the keys on a braille writer. OCDAC's ILS students will be making these as part of their vocational training.


QWERTY Print/Braille Communication cards - This is a card with print letters above the braille ones in the familiar QWERTY layout of  a keyboard. The card will be sturdy and flexible. We are currently seeking out the materials to make them.


Braille Sign Language Dictionaries - There is a lot of sign language dictionaries available in print but hardly any in braille. This project will transcribe two sign language dictionaries into braille. The braille files will then be available on this website. we will need a lot of braille proofreaders for this project. We also plan to make embossed copies available at cost and to loan embossed copies to blind and / or deaf blind people who are learning sign language.


Moon Transcribing and Embossing Service - We are currently in the process of looking for equipment so that we can produce Moon on a larger scale. As of now we must write out moon on a Moon frame that takes a lot of time and limits the amount of material we can produce


Easy to follow Linux Tutorials using Genopernicus and a braille display - There is a new accessibility application for Linux that combines a magnifier, screen reader, and braille output divers into one program that interfaces with the accessibility features built into the gnome desktop. We are following this software very closely as it will mean a big decrease in the total amount of money that an accessible computer would cost.