Programs and Services

This list gives an idea of the kind of services we provide but does not list all of them. 
All of our services are based on what individual clients need.  Client's needs are evaluated and customized programs are designed for each client. 
 There is a $25 new client intake fee. Tutoring is $45 an hour. Most of our services are free to those who need them and can't afford the fees.


Deaf-Blind Services
We help help people who have dual hearing/vision loss.

We use Cued Speech and text based communication to teach English skills to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Prisoner Program
We help prisoners with sensory disabilities by advocating for reasonable accommodations while in prison and in halfway and rehabilitation homes.

We help people train their own service animals.

Fraud & Scams Awareness
We provide info on avoiding scams and fraud.

Youth Empowerment Program 
We work on teaching sensory impaired youth to communicate and advocate for their own needs.



American Sign Language Interpreting
Please schedule one week in advance. $45 two hour minimum.

Tutoring per hour
Tutoring in any topic (K-12 or disability related) needed in the language needed. We have people that speak English, Spanish, Vietnamese and American Sign Language.

Learn American Sign Language one on one per hour
One of our Sign Language instructors will work with you one on one in person or online.

IEP Assessments
We will look at the IEP (individualized education program) and the child and suggest improvements to goals, new goals that might be needed, technology that might help the student and we will go with you to one IEP meeting to discuss things with your district team. You will have to reimburse travel out of the area.

IEP Meeting
We will go we you to your child's IEP (individualized education program) meeting and advocate for what your child needs.

School Observation per hour
We will go to your child's school and observe the services they are receiving there.

Resource Referrals
We will find the resource you need and help you contact them. Price is per referral and waved for low income clients on file.

Braille Instruction per hour
We will work with you one on one to learn braille or help improve your braille reading.

Service Dog Training per session
We will work with you and your dog on service dog skills and troubleshooting.

Educational Talks
We will go to your location and give a talk on Deafness, blindness, autism or sensory impairment and the different methods used to mitigate these impairments. Travel outside area costs extra.

Independent Living Skills per hour
We will work with you one on one to develop the skills needed to live independently with your disability.

Custom Communication System design and use.
We will design a custom system to enable communication via AAC (Augmentative and alternative communication). We will program your existing devices or a new one and teach you to use the system. We will also include an emergency communication chart in case the devices stop working. Cost of new device and apps if needed is extra.

Design of custom curriculum
We will put together a custom curriculum package for teaching a subject to someone who has difficulty learning via traditional means.

Long White Cane Travel per session
We will meet with you one on one and teach you how to get around with a long white cane.

Adaptive Computer Use per hour
We will teach you how to use a phone or computer with software to mitigate your disability.

Assistance with Social Security Paperwork
We will help you fill out SSDI and SSI applications and appeal paperwork, including explaining any questions on the forms that you don't understand. We will also help you find an attorney if you need one.
$45 per hour


  • Individual Advocacy
  • Community Advocacy
  • IEP Assistance
  • Services for the Deaf, Blind, and Autistic


  • Emergency Food Referrals
  • Emergency Housing Referrals
  • Emergency Clothing Referrals
  • Housing Referrals
  • Recreation Referrals


  • Interpreting and Interpreter Referrals
  • Communications Assistance
  • Open and Close Captioning of website videos


  • Hearing Options Overview 
  • Education Referrals
  • Private Lessons / Classes
  • American Sign Language Classes for Children
  • Lipreading Classes 
  • Cued Speech Classes 
  • Braille Classes
  • Training/Workshops
    • Support Service Provider (SSP) Training Workshops 
  • For Businesses
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Overview for Businesses 
    • Business Disability Accessibility Classes 
    • American Sign Language Course for Business
  • Employment Services
  • Personal Fundraising Assistance
  • Limited Credit Counseling


  • Health Referrals
  • Peer Counseling
  • In Home Appointments
  • AIDS Awareness
  • Disability Domestic Violence Prevention (OCDDVP)


  • Legal Assistance
  • Business Disability Accessibility Consultations
  • Barrier Elimination Title II & Section 504 Discrimination Complaint Form
  • Business Disability Accessibility Evaluations
  • Plan for Achieving Self Sufficiency (PASS) Application Assistance
  • Legal Research
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Application Assistance
  • Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Application Assistance
  • Assistive Technology Evaluations
  • Assistive Equipment Installation
  • iPad / Andriod Phone and Tablet Programing and Training
  • Screen Reader / Braille Display Training
  • Help Locating Funding for Technology