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Special Service Provider Training and Placement

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Special Service Provider Training and Placement

In order for Deaf Blind people to live independently they may require assistance in doing things. For instance going shopping as store personal may not be able to communicate well with them and also hauling back a weeks worth of groceries on the bus can be a bit difficult. Also, although, there are machines that can scan printed material such as mail and change it into braille there are some deaf-blind people who do not have the equipment for it or do not know braille. Even for those who do there are still hand written papers that the scanners can't translate. For that reason it is sometimes necessary to get a person to read things, label things, drive places, and do odd chores that the deaf blind person may not know how to do or be capable of doing. Because of this we have developed the SSP Training Program to teach volunteers how to work with the deaf-blind. Training will include many things that will be necessary to work with clients with different levels of hearing and/or vision loss. Remember SSPs are not interpreters but interpreters can be SSPs. If you are interested in becoming a SSP please contact us with your name, email, phone number, and when you are available.

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